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New DEMONIC colours coming soon!

New Pulse-Matic Power Supply only 3 months away!
Push button control Hertz and Voltage. Universal input!
State of the Art.


If you would like a unique piece of art on canvas then please visit our paint studio, if you would like a unique piece of art on skin then please visit our Tattoo studio.

One of New Zealand's longest established and last remaining machine and colour makers. Our policy is if we don't make it then we will try to source it or have it made in New Zealand. Only when we can't get it here do we source from abroad. We support Kiwi made and encourage our customers to do the same.

All our colours and machines are Kiwi designed and Kiwi made, all our disposable tubes, disposable tips and ink trays are made for us right here in New Zealand by Kiwis. Keep New Zealand working and support Kiwi made.


If you are a professional artist then check out our artist's supplies, we have been supplying professional artist's in New Zealand and around the world with a select range of products for over 25 years!

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.



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