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The Pulse-Matic Mach 2
Evolution Tattoo Machine.
Machine Head Only. Limited Edition.
No points! No sparks! No capacitors!
Head weight 252 grams ( 8.4oz) This machine is for those that like a heavier machine. Click on the picture for more information on Pulse-Matics.
SOLD OUT! New Alloy, one piece frame model coming 2014!


The Pulse-Matic Mach 2
Kiwi classic Tattoo Machine now with alloy cast frames, weighs less then 200 grams as shown, head weight 153 grams, finished in Black.
No Points! No sparks! No capacitors! Click on the picture for more information on Pulse-Matics
NZ$295.00 CAT.# 152

Please note machines are hand made and assembled to order, please allow around 10 working days.



Introduction to the new Pulse-Matic Classic. For those of you that would like to try this system along with the disposa-tubes and tips, we have put together an introductory package for you. You get one Pulse-Matic Classic machine as pictured above complete with disposa-tube, bar and tip, alloy tube sleeve, 5 disposa tubes, 5 disposa tips and 5 needle bars (same size as ones in the machine). Also, the package comes with the plugpack, foot switch and clip cord, as above, all pre-wired (no plugs to connect). This setup will compliment any D.C. or Rotary setup you are currently using or use it as a stand alone system.
Choose from a 1, 3 or 5 liner, 6 flat, 7 mag, 8 or 14 round shader,

Package price $450.00

Add 1 or more machines at $250.00 each, this price is only available with the package.


Vibration & Noise reducing damper. Packet of 10.


Mach 2 Variable Sine Wave Frequency Generator, switchable between 120/240Volts. Please note we are out of stock for this item. We expect to have a new model available 2014,Which will incorperate voltage and frequency control along with LCD readouts for both. For Pulse-Matic only. Price to be advised.
CAT.#58 NZ$595.000


Fixed Frequency Plug Pack for Pulse-Matic, will run the machine at a fixed speed of 6000 strokes per minute, but with full bottom end penetration making it suitable for the Low Trauma Technique used with Pulse-Matics. It won't slow you down if coming from D.C. machines! A less expensive entry option for first time users. 220-240 Volts only, CAT.# 69 NZ$75.00 Picture may vary form actual unit. We recommend first time Pulse-Matic users start with this unit! I personally run all my machines at this speed!

Clip Cord Connector
2 Metre lead

Quality Foot Switch
2 Metre lead with banana plugs


Banana Plug Joining Socket


Front Machine Spring
Suits both Pro-Matic and Dominator
silver point

Please note that although we no longer offer D. C. machines we will continue to supply front springs for machines sold prior to 2011.


Back Machine Spring
Suits Pro-Matic and Pulse-Matic


White Tensioning Bands.
Give a clean, professional look to the machine and the perfect tension on the needle cluster. One of these bands replaces two traditional brown bands.
CAT.#81 NZ$5.00 (100grams approx)

Allan Key Wrench
3.0mm fits point & frame screws
CAT.# 149 NZ$1.50
2.5mm fits coil mounting screws & top post
CAT.# 150 NZ$1.50
2.00mm fits grip set screws
CAT.# 151 NZ$1.50


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